Built for you in mind.

In today's modern technology, we have our cameras with us everywhere right on our cell phones. So when you want to commemorate a special occasion, life benchmark, or otherwise, you need to have a photographer that is experienced, professional, and flexible. Paired with a mentality that most photography studios are too expensive for the average consumer, we created Picture This! Photography Studio to meet the needs of the common client.

Picture This! Portrait Studio is specifically designed for the everyday client, bringing professional resuts, courteous service, and flexible scheduling at a price point that makes sense for everyone. Don't be in the position to remember how expensive it was, remember how awesome and fun it was!

Our Lead Photographer, Jim Harris, is a mastermind behind the lens by bringing color, contrast, and life into each and every photo. With our unique "P.I.C." approach, you'll recieve Personalized and Inclusive Camerashoot during your photoshoot, ensuring both your happiness with the proccess and the outstanding results we provide each client.


About Us

We are a Veteran Owned and Operated Photography Studio that is designed around making photogrpahy more readily accessible by creating streamlined approaches to our tasks, providing low cost sessions, and providing results that our clients love. We want to ensure that we provide the best services at the best price, and we are constantly working to improve ourselves and our company for the benefit of you, our client.

Why Choose Us?

Built on Military Values, we strive to provide service excellence with professional pride and care in our work. Jim Harris delivers just that, with his world-wide experience as a seasoned photographer!

  • Low Pricing makes it Affordable!
  • Fast Sessions makes it Easy!
  • Versitle Photographer makes it Simple!
  • Expedited Process makes it Quick!
  • Fun Environment makes it Memorable!
  • Our Results makes it Worthwhile!

We stand by our work and our pricing, and unlike most photographers, we want you to compare us to other studios! We always believe that a consumer should be well educated, know their options, and we are confident that our studio will earn your business based on our values and motivation to provide the best results possible. You deserve nothing less!

What Makes Us Different?

We believe in streamlining the experience, using in-house software, photography techniques, and scheduling process to deliver our services at a speed that is unprecedented.

  • Online Booking Expedites Scheduling
  • Versitle Session Types Expedites Meeting Your Needs
  • Hundreds of Photos Taken Ensures Quality Results
  • In-House Software Expedites Photo Selection
  • Dedicated Editing Expedites Photo Delivery
  • Online Payment Options Expedites Payments
  • Online Photo Delivery Expedites Return To You

We are building a better, more complete photography session to meet your busy life style, and we look forward to shoing you how our exclusive software and streamlined proccess can make it simple, effective, and easy. Come by our shop or Book Your Session today to experience the difference!

Meet Our Team

Jessica Harris


"Provide it from the Clients' perspective."

Jim Harris

Lead Photographer

"Every picture is a moment that can be cherished forever."

Tyler Rouse

Technology Development

"Time is precious, make it faster and more efficient"


Adorable Mascot

"Roof Roof, Bark Bark, (That Means Give Me Belly Rubs)"

Customer Testimonials

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Lou Bloxham

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Courtney Gibson
Marketing Manager

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Pearce Frye
Interface Designer